Benefits of Kambo

Kambo is a powerful catalyst for clarity and action. The Amazonian tribes use it to clear what they call “panema,” which they define as a cloudy energy that hangs over a person and causes them to be sick, depressed, tired, unbalanced, angry, etc. Kambo can clear and balance our energy and bring it into homeostatic alignment. The shifts that people feel after kambo, especially after multiple treatments, can be astounding.

Kambo is a doctor - a surgeon, specialist, energy healer, and psychotherapist. There’s a mysterious aspect of kambo that must be experienced to fully understand.  The spirit of the frog seems to meld with our consciousness, listen to our intentions, and communicate with our DNA, leaving us in a state of clear health physically, mentally, and emotionally.  People often report feeling unblocked after receiving kambo, like a weight has been lifted. Physical health, emotional uplift, and positive forward momentum come naturally, and old patterns of negative behavior and thought are more easily dispelled and changed.  Kambo empowers us so that we may empower ourselves.

Physically, kambo clears harmful toxins and helps to eliminate invasive viruses and bacteria. The peptides in kambo, specifically dermorphin, bolster and boost the immune system. Sometimes it takes more than one treatment to begin to reap the full benefits. Three in a lunar cycle, or as close together as possible, is recommended for those new to kambo. People seeking relief from serious or chronic conditions may need to sit multiple times, sometimes consecutively.  

Kambo has been used to treat HIV, cancer, fertility issues, lymes disease, depression, addiction, chronic pain, migraines, organ diseases, skin and eye issues, herpes, candida, infections, arthritis, viruses, autoimmune disorders, and a host of other physical maladies. It is important to note that while there has been scientific research on the peptides in kambo, to date no such study has been done with kambo itself. There is a host of anecdotal evidence and glowing testimonials from happy kambo clients the world over, but as of yet no peer-reviewed scientific studies exist.