"Edward has a way of holding a space that allowed me to feel at ease, vulnerable and empowered all at the same time."


"I am a sober, life loving man again. I swear by this medicine."

I highly recommend Edward to anyone who is considering Kambo ceremony. His light heart and compassionate nature have been effective in disarming my fears of going into deep and vulnerable places. I enjoy working with him for his enthusiasm and reverence for the medicine. As a healer, I learn a lot from him in how to hold healthy boundaries and create a safe container that respects everyone’s personal process. I really value the work I’ve done with him and admire his deep devotion to service.
— Megan C.
I had the blessing of being introduced to Edward at a very low point in my life. I was struggling with a severe addiction to cocaine. I was desperately searching for a way out of this daily struggle that I had for many years. Kambo is an amazing natural tool that can be used for the betterment of a human being on many different levels. How it helped me was to both clean my system out of the many, many toxins that had been built up over many years of abuse. But it also helped me purge some very deep emotional issues that were the underlying cause of my addiction. Through Edward’s guidance as well as the guidance that can be received from Kambo, I realized that deep down I had completely lost my love for myself. Edward is a master, in my opinion, because he not only is highly skilled with the medicine, but he is also highly skilled with helping you understand the deeper issues you have going on inside of you and ultimately releasing them. I met Edward nine months ago. The Kambo gave me a huge leg up with my addiction. But it was working with Edward on a consistent basis moving forward that truly helped me get my life on track. Edward is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. My life is completely different today for the better. I am a sober, life loving man again. I swear by this medicine. I still to this day do it every month or two. It is very powerful and can be absolutely transformational when used appropriately.
— RT
As soon as I walked into Edward’s space I knew a part of me felt completely at home, like I’ve been there before. Edward has a way of holding a space that allowed me to feel at ease, vulnerable and empowered all at the same time. I take all experiences, especially with psychoactive/chemically active substances at great discretion.

I felt very comfortable with Edward, I felt that he allowed the spirit and the personality of the medicine, as well as the molecular constructs to take hold and heal me in a way that was void of all influence. He allowed the medicine to do what it was supposed to do, and create a space where I felt empowered to allow my vulnerabilities to enable the medicine to work through me, and to allow healing in aspects of me I didn’t think possible. After taking the Kambo I felt a little disoriented for the rest of the evening, however I woke up the next morning feeling like I have been eating super clean and working out every day for the past 3 months. My senses were honed in; my sight, my hearing and my intuition were all just a little bit crisper. Thank you, Edward, for creating a space that allowed the medicine to do its work, and allowing me to feel safe enough to receive the medicine and work with it.
— Tyler F.

"As a healer, I learn a lot from him in how to hold healthy boundaries."

I am forever grateful that I met Edward Deull. From his knowledge and deep connection to Kambo, he is able to create a setting for the ceremony where one is capable of releasing traumas/beliefs on every level. With a great understanding of each individuals certain needs the ceremony becomes a magnificent life process that I highly recommend for every individual on this planet earth.
— Issac B.
Trust is integral when it comes to kambo, and I trust Edward. His connection and confidence with this medicine supported me as I tentatively approached working with it. Sure enough, ordeal as it was, I felt safe in the healing space he held for me. I was able to do my work and align more deeply with myself. Edward is definitely the man to see about the frog... Viva Kambo!
— Mathew L.
Working with Edward has truly been a gift. I’ve experienced both his one on one work and group work with kambo, as well as other events he has facilitated. Edward shows up with great care, in strong integrity and pure intention as a clear channel for this deep healing work. He has influenced a lot of my work as a facilitator and helped me move through huge blocks in my energetic, emotional, and physical bodies. While the group work is wonderful, if you have the opportunity to sit with him one on one I would strongly suggest it. Edward is incredibly intuitive and creates a really safe space to journey deeply in. He is encouraging, helpful, supportive, and deeply enriched in his own practice and journey with this medicine. I am forever grateful for the work we’ve done together thus far and will continue to work with him because I trust him immensely.
— Blake S.
Working with Edward is hands down a Hell Yes for me. Having spent many years training, journeying, and sharing in personal growth and healing, I choose who I work with carefully. I have had profound breakthroughs in kambo ceremony with Edward. I believe this is much in part to his embodied listening—a skill of a true facilitator and leader. I would recommend Edward to anyone who is seriously committed to creating the life they want for themselves.
— Jason M.
Kambo has been a remarkable resource for genuine healing. I am wholeheartedly grateful for the spirit of the frog and the fortune to sit with a practitioner as aligned as Edward Deull. The medicine is beyond words and Edward’s communication, understanding and integral care with the healing at hand allows for a safe and deeply authentic space. It is a blessing to be in the presence of a practitioner sourced with the highest intentions both to the spirit kingdoms and human race.
— Faegann H.

"If it works for me...it could work for anyone."


"...embodied listening - a skill of a true facilitator and leader."

My first Kambo experiment was personally revolutionary. My addiction was not easy on my body. Western medicine now labeled me as incurable. I felt like they stole my body from me. I was so tired every day. All I wanted to do was eat, sleep, have sex, and die.

When I looked Kambo up on the internet, the article said it came from a poisonous tree frog that had no natural predators in the wild. The word that bounced out at me was poison but I kept reading, and the claims that people made about this medicine is what dragged me in further.

Edward was aware of where I was coming from and his patience in adapting to that was truly inspiring.

I felt sickly for so long that the actual fever, diarrhea, and vomiting it induced felt like nothing compared to what I had felt the past six years. Kambo made me sick for 20 minutes but those 20 minutes of vomiting detoxed my body more than 6 years of Western medicine.

It made my face puffy for a few days but when the puffiness faded, I was cuter than ever. It was as if it had some sort of natural collagen in it.

Did I mention the Advil prescription eroded my stomach lining? The doctors put a camera down my throat and took a video and that’s what they reported back to me. After 3 rounds of Kambo, my stomach was starting to take certain foods that it used to reject.

I was getting out of bed in the morning where as I had previously suffered from depression, agoraphobia, and anxiety. I had more hope from what I was warned to be dangerous (poisonous tree frog with no natural predators in the wild) than what I was told would cure me (amphetamines, benzodiazepine, Advil, birth control, and opiates).

With the help of Kambo, I am now able to wake up in the morning and practice self-care in a way I hadn’t even known was possible for me. I enjoy doing yoga, gardening, and hiking. Kambo helped me in ways I couldn’t help myself. It put the tools right in my hands where I could use them. I think the most important part for me was that I kept an wide open-mind and was willing to put in the personal work that I was told it would take. I believed that it could help me. I believed I could help myself. They’ve been using Kambo for generations in civilizations that are still thriving today.

If it works for me, I think it could work for anyone.
— Rachel W.