The Kambo Circle

How Is Kambo Applied?

Kambo is applied through small burns on the skin known as gates. A small stick is heated up and briefly, gently set on the skin to take off the first layer and expose the lymph underneath. The process is very quick and not as painful as it may sound. Once all the gates are burned they are gently rubbed with a wet tissue and dried. The dried kambo stick is lightly doused with water and scraped with a dull knife until the medicine begins to reconstitute and can be formed into pea size dots. These dots are then placed over the gates.  


Because it enters the lymphatic system, works through the heart and is able to break the blood-brain barrier, kambo tends to come on quickly. The onset is typically felt within five minutes and can include increased heart rate, flushing, swelling in the face, hands and throat, temperature fluctuations, a pounding sensation in the head, and nausea. Sometimes tetany, or cramping, may be experienced due to the rush of energy. Cramping in the stomach may also occur before a purge. There is no set time for the purge to happen; some people vomit within five minute and others take some coaxing. Purging may include a bathroom visit, shaking, and/or an emotional response such as crying. Kambo is pulling not only physical but emotional toxins that need to be released. Once the water has been regurgitated, subsequent purges are typically constituted of bile. The entire process usually takes twenty to thirty minutes, after which time the kambo will be removed and you will be allowed to lay down and rest if you like.

Before leaving, the burns will be dressed with dragon’s blood, a tree sap that is analgesic, antiseptic, antibacterial, and forms a natural seal around the wound which helps with healing and prevents scarring.  

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