Do the burns leave scars?

With proper care, the gates will leave little to no scarring. If you leave the dragon’s blood to naturally scab and fall of in it’s own time and follow it up with vitamin E oil the scars will fade.  

Can you use the same gates for different treatments?

The gates may be reused after they have properly healed, two to three months.  

Is kambo psychoactive?

No, not at all. You will not “trip” or experience any altered visions. Kambo is legal in every country in the world.

Is kambo safe?  

Yes, used responsibly in the right hands, kambo is completely safe. Working with an IAKP (www.IAKP.org) certified practitioner ensures that you are receiving kambo from a highly trained practitioner who is held to the high standards of safety, ethics, and responsibility required by the IAKP code of ethics.

Is Kambo right for my condition?

Refer to this section for more information. Please consult your doctor if you have underlying health issues or potential contraindications.