Edward Deull: My Story


Four years ago I experienced a massive shift in perspective that shook me awake after over a decade of masking my emotions with heavy drinking.

I came to the realization that I wasn’t going to heal or evolve until I forgave my father for a lifetime of abandonment and neglect. This was a difficult thing to comprehend. “He hurt me!” my mind said, “why should I have to forgive him?” It took me two and a half years and a lot of help to come to a state of peace and forgiveness with the man who had caused me such hurt. In the process I realized that I had to forgive myself as well; for damaging myself with alcohol and reckless behavior, and hurting people close to me by lying and manipulating to avoid the vulnerability of showing my true self. I spent a lot of years hiding because I was afraid of being hurt.

Kambo helped me to come out from the shadows.



My first experiences with kambo were painful, profound, and wonderful. I purged deep, old emotional pain and was confronted with the reality of childhood trauma. Kambo stood by my side as an ally and helped me to realize and release the victim mentality I’d been carrying. The results were enough to keep me coming back to kambo one to three times a month for over two years. I learned how to sit with it, how to work with my intentions and surrender to the healing that kambo so willingly provided. I began to administer kambo to myself, deepening my relationship with the spirit of the frog. Over time my practice grew strong and I slowly began to give kambo to close friends and family with encouraging results. I found myself in a position to help others heal their wounds, overcome addiction, and be the best, healthiest version of themselves.

This path led me to the International Association of Kambo Practitioners. I went through their kambo practitioner intensive training and became a certified IAKP practitioner. It was a powerful and humbling experience. The spirit of Kambo, along with the incredibly skilled and knowledgeable trainers of the IAKP, ushered me to a state of greater evolution as a person and practitioner. I was given immense knowledge, tools, and support in my path.

Kambo is one of the greatest ways I know of to embrace the intrinsic health and happiness that I believe to be our birthright; this is what draws me to the practitioner path. I’ve been given so many chances in my life to heal, to forgive and be forgiven, and I see how kambo gives people a chance. It brings us into alignment with the person that we want to be, it gives us hope, healing, and room to breath and reinvent ourselves in a good way.

I’ve found service as a path to fulfillment and joy, and I’ve made a personal vow to be in service when I can, in the best way possible.

Kambo is that way for me, and it may be for you as well. I work for the frog, and if it’s right I’ll work for you too.

In' lak’ech is a Mayan phrase that means “I am another you.”

We’re all more alike than we are different. May this likeness bring us together as we search for peace, meaning, health, and happiness.

In' Lak’ech,